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Netflix is a popular online, on-demand media streaming service. Founded in 1997, Netflix allows users to watch unlimited tv shows, movies and documentaries via their televisions, computers and various other devices for a flat rate each month. Netflix is also currently available in the United States,... read more >
Vonage is a publicly held provider of broadband VoIP services. Their technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls with a touch tone telephone almost anywhere a broadband Internet connection is available. Below how Vonage Works Sign up for a calling plan. Connect your Vonage Box&tra... read more >
Human beings generally cannot live alone.   They like to keep in touch with each other.   Now with modern mobility, parents live in one place, while their only daughter may be pursuing her study thousands of miles away.   Imagine such parents living in peaceful and sunn... read more >
Amazon Prime is an exclusive membership service offered through that gives its members free two-day shipping on all eligible purchases, for a flat annual fee, as well as discounted one-day shipping rates. No minimum order size is required to participate in these flat rate shipping advanta... read more >
Netflix was one of the first companies to send rental DVDs directly to the home of the customer.  The company also did not have any late fees for any movie which helped build their clientele into a leading company in this part of the entertainment business.   Even if you don't subscri... read more >
RingCentral is the place to find a credible and affordable cloud-based phone system for your business that is designed for today's mobile and distributed business world by combining a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality.   RingCentral eff... read more >
AT&T is a company that sells TV, Internet and Voice services. This is called AT&T U-verse. They offer bundles when the customer chooses to purchase more than one service. They also offer wireless internet. They offer the same price on their services for two years when a customer signs up. Th... read more > offers affordable VoIP residential and business phone services. provides savings to customers calling long distance anywhere in The United States or Canada.  Calls within North America (The United States and Canada) are included in your business or home VoIp phone pack... read more >
Hello Direct has a wide range of telephones, conferencing equipment and headsets In addition to their own Hello Direct brand, they also carry other the top brands in headsets, including: Panasonic Jabra Polycom GN Netcom Motorola They also have top quality recording and VoIP gear read more >
PrankDial makes prank phone calls easy and hysterical!  They enable you to prank friends and family with anonymous, pro-scripted phone calls.  They offer hundreds of different call options with strategic pauses, designed to keep someone on the phone so you can cover your mouth and laugh!&n... read more >
HuluPlus is a more extensive paid subscription service that expands on's free viewing options.  It allows exclusive viewing options and a more expansive selection of television and movies through The Hulu website.  Hulu Plus allows unlimited video streaming starting at $7.99 per m... read more >
For watching videos online, is now on the scene! The website features new movies for purchase or to rent. Most of the movies are available the same day they are released on DVD and Blue-Ray. The movies have great viewing quality, at 1080p HD and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Stream mo... read more >
NobelCom provides online customers with a secure way to purchase affordable, easy-to-use prepaid phone cards. Through innovative business strategies and advanced technologies, Nobel, Ltd has developed its own facilities-based carrier division. A key advantage of their TDM/VoIP network is that it all... read more >
Axvoice is a telephone service provider over the internet via broadband connection (voice over IP company) targeting the audience market of USA/Canada. It offers advanced features like virtual phone numbers, portable numbers, E911 service, hosted PBX phone systems, voice mailboxes and call... read more >
The Grasshopper virtual phone system helps entrepreneurs sound more professional and stay connected from anywhere. Features include toll free and local numbers, custom greetings, multiple extensions for employees, call forwarding to any phone anywhere in the world, voicemail to email, and much more.... read more >
Rdio is a music service that provides audio to its subscribers.  Subscribers can set up a list of the music they want to listen to without having to deal with commercials or bane conversation.  The company features over 18 million different selections.  Rdio functions in the United St... read more >
The Live365 radio network reaches millions of listeners’ worldwide, offering greater breadth and depth of high-quality streaming music, talk, and audio than any other network. Featuring 260+ genres of music produced by 5,000+ broadcasters and music tastemakers, the network boasts a roster of a... read more >
Google Voice, is a telecommunication tool launched in March of 2009. Google Voice, is not open directly to the public, you must have an invitation to join, which you can obtain by visiting the "Request an Invitation page" here. Google Voice works much the same way that a general landline would. Once... read more >
British Sky Broadcasting is the biggest television service provider in the United Kingdom and Ireland and also provides broadband internet and landline facilities. The website of the company allows customers to login and view their current bills and subscribe to other packages and services on offer.... read more >
DataJack, Inc., is a provider of prepaid mobile broadband Internet access offering data coverage to 280 million people in over 12,900 cities nationwide. DataJack offers high-speed, affordable Internet on the go to consumers using a PC, MAC, or any WIFI enabled device such as an iPad, tablet, smartph... read more >
Paltalk is a video chat device that provides video chat for Apple MacIntosh (Mac) and personal computers (pc).  The site features mobile abilities to use its voice and video chat, web video calls, video chat rooms, instant messaging, high resolution videos, the ability to send large files, desk... read more >
YouMail is a program that allows the user to listen to their voicemail seven different ways including: On the PC Via the Smartphone program On the iPad or wireless tablet From any phone Via any cellular phone's mobile web browser Dial in from your smartphone Using email or webmail YouMai... read more >
DramaFever offers viewing of popular Asian TV shows online for free with English subtitles.  These shows include Korean dramas, Japanese live-action shows, tele-series, documentaries, and popular films.  DramaFever offers no ad interruptions to its premium members with the availability of ... read more >
Callfire are developers of VoIP platform creating telephone automation applications catering to businesses of all sizes and categories. Their services include text messaging, call tracking, voice broadcast, toll free hotlines and cloud call centers setup for worldwide interactive phone systems. Info... read more >
Redbox Instant is a version of Redbox that allows customers to stream movies at home. Some video games are also an option. The subscription also gives the customer 4 credits per month on Red Box movies at the machine.  Each nights rental is one credit.  Once the credits are used up, the cu... read more >
Phonebooth is a company that offers telephone services for small business use. They have different packages to fit all business needs. They offer services such as Nationwide local and long distance, Instant Set Up, Transcribed Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Professional Quality HD Voice, unlimited minut... read more >
Established in 1999, OneSuite is a pioneer of prepaid integrated telecom services. Their mission is to give users the greatest telecommunications convenience at the lowest price. Powered by cost-saving cloud technologies, a global telecom network, and aided by our dedicated staff, OneSuite is proud... read more >
Directv is one of the world's largest leading providers of digital television entertainment services and delivers a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology, unmatched programming and unbelievable customer service to more than 32 million customers in the U.S and Latin America. Th... read more >
Slingbox is a TV media streaming device that allows the user to communicate with a central television away from home.  Set up to work with a cable box or television DVD device, the Slingbox is able to convert the media signal so that it can be sent over the internet and displayed on a number of... read more >
On Speed is a company that advertises using its software anyone can speed up their dial-up, broadband or mobile boardband internet connections.  The software works by compressing the files to be transmitted, thus speeding up the transit time quite a bit.  After transmission, the file needs... read more >
Dish World delivers international programming using a broadband internet connection to transmit programs directly to your computer or TV without needing a satellite dish.  This service comes with a free Roku box which is the modem needed to transmit the service to the device.  Dish World p... read more >
Juno is a discount dial-up internet service.  Customers choose from a number of local phone numbers and pick one that is close to their internet site location.  Juno provides free customer service support to get every account up and running.  The service includes an email account, sta... read more >
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Hulu has plenty of main Korean titles, but that isn’t its focus, and sometimes the titles go away, and it's better if you want both Korean movies and other selections as well. Viki has fast uploads and fast subtitling, but the quality can sometimes suffer. DramaFever has the advantage when it come...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 5 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
RingCentral has strong options for businesses like a Bring Your Own Device feature. Vonage has the lowest cost compared to the others with their first year $10 per month plan. The 8x8 company has an ROI calculator and is the best for information. Nextiva has the easiest to access demo option. Ooma h...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 7 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Netflix is the best approach if you want the most content possible, including new content weekly. If you’d rather buy content one by one, then you have to go with Amazon that allows single purchases of streaming video, which the others don’t have. Curiosity Stream will be the best for you if edu...
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LocalPhone has options for picking up free minutes for those who can’t pay. Rebtel is all about short-term international deals. CallCentric will work best for people who really want to get their own phone numbers since it has free and low-cost ones available. Keku improves upon many international ...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 8 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Broadvoice is a good option for those looking for more affordable rates with free extras like free international minutes. Vonage tends to have a lot of extra features like virtual numbers for easy local calling. Phone Power is the option you’ll likely want if you need to call everywhere on the pla...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 21 months ago in | +1 votes | 0 comments
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Last answer by Julia David 25 months ago: Internet with a capital "I" refers to the entire Internet (meaning the biggest collection of networks on the planet) . Internet with a lowercase "i" refers to any group of networks that are connected together. Intranet refers to a single inter-connected network within one organization that uses... read more
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Last answer by gitana1 42 months ago:      Hi Tracy, there are several apps for the IPad that can be used to watch live televsion for  free. Many Internet Service Providers (i.e.Cox, Brighthouse, Verizon, etc.), offer TV on the go, if you have a digital cable package. With the digital service, you can create an onl... read more
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Last answer by Teresa Conti 54 months ago: I have had the service for a while now, over a year.  I like the service.  These are my reasons.  One, I can record 4 shows at once and watch them on any television.  Two, I get the MLB basic channel for free.  3.  With the 300 channel program, I also get access to the ... read more
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Last answer by Irene Nevins 54 months ago: Amazon offers this 4+ star rated product. The OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge by Obihai $59.99 $39.24 is cheap enough and will probably work with your current home phone. The description is boasting free calling to other OBi phones and to USA And Canada. read more
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Last answer by sam sticka 61 months ago: Here are some tips that tell you how to write informative articles. 1. Make a list of topics: 2. Research keywords: 3. Create an appealing title: 4. Introduce your content: 5. Format, size, and headings: 6. Summarize what you said: 7. Create call to action: All the above will help you to write quali... read more
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Last answer by Debbie Edwards 61 months ago: Netflix does offer an affiliate program. The affiliate option is listed at the bottom of the official Netflix website. Once a viewer has clicked on the affiliate section, he or she can read the easy instructions on how to become an affiliate. Guidelines state, that in order to become an affiliate,... read more
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Last answer by Oscar 62 months ago: I actually wrote an article on this subject: How To Write The Perfect Factoidz Product Review A Factoidz product review is an option on Factoidz  where you can review someone's product or service. You do not pick who you are reviewing though, Factoidz will give you a list of people who you ca... read more
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Last answer by Oscar 62 months ago: Currently, Netflix does not create any movies, TV series or documentaries. Netflix works by paying the production companies of popular movies and television shows a certain amount of money to allow them to add their movie onto Netflix. Once they add it to Netflix anyone of Netflix's monthly subscrib... read more
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Last answer by Casey in Real Life 62 months ago: This would be completely dependent on your location and which series are your favourite. A good way to see for yourself would be to take part in the 30-day trial, giving you time to explore the many, many viewing options. Personally, I love being able to catch up on Californication, The Walkin... read more
Asked by Judith Barton 62 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Casey in Real Life 62 months ago: You can watch Netflix movies and programs on your television via Smart TV's, blu ray players, Apple TV, PS3's, Wii's, X-Boxes, etc.  Off-television options include smartphones (Windows, Androids and iPhones), macintoshes and pcs, iPads and tablets via the downloadable application (aka app) read more
Asked by Judith Barton 62 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Sam Montana 62 months ago: Netflix is not traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Netflix trades on the NASDAQ exchange with the symbol of NFLX. The closing price today (8/20/2012) was $64.24. It has really gone up and down the past 52 weeks. Its 52 week stock price high was $241.88 and its 52 week low is $52.81. The av... read more
Asked by Bill Vertard 62 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Lisa6cordas 63 months ago: Unfortunately, DVD movies are not available on instant stream.  Instant stream alone is $7.99 per month.  A DVD subscription, which allows 1 DVD rental at a time, can be purchased as an add-on service to a streaming plan for an addtional $7.99 per month.  If you wish to receive only D... read more
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Last answer by Judith Grometes 65 months ago: You need to have the ff: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (.53.64) or above Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or above, or Linux JavaScript and Cookies enabled Broadband I... read more
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